Olympia Grove - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Coming from one of the best olive producing regions in the world

Olive trees have been cultivated in Peloponnese since the ancient times continuously and were celebrated throughout the rich historical heritage of the region. The peloponnesian olive oil is recognised around the world for its incomparable quality and taste.

Extracted and packaged under the strictest quality standards

Produced exclusively by cold pressing the olive fruit and stored in stainless steel containers under inert gas until bottled in opaque bottles capped and sealed automatically without human intervention.

Healthy and delicious base for mediterranean cooking and enjoyed fresh as ideal salad seasoning

Extra virgin olive oil adds exquisite flavour and texture to a large array of dishes with meat, fish, legumes and fresh vegetables on the grill, in the casserole or in the oven. A fresh salad seasoned with Olympia Grove extra virgin olive oil makes for a nutritional and healthy meal as it is rich in polyphenols and has no cholesterol.